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Sacred Sound Session with PaizLee
1 hr session


In response to the global pandemic, many of us are trying to start a business, pursue a lifelong goal or create ways to forage our own path; something that better aligns with our values and current needs in order to be sustainable while living the life we’ve always wanted. Take the first step in empowering yourself with a supportive mentor and gain the confidence to speak up, use your voice, take a leap, embark on a project, do seminars, start a business, make the sale, or simply stand in your own power. Push out of the comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary; sing, light up the channels that can open doors in your subconscious mind while feeling liberated and charged. Gain confidence to break through delusional obstacles and live your dream while creating a practice that is enjoyable and easily incorporated into your daily flow.

A student of the Dragon Gate Sanctuary (a closed door School for Baguazhang Kung Fu and Internal Martial Arts led by Sifu Christopher Lee Matsuo), PaizLee integrates traditional music fundamentals and invites her students to explore their own instrument, develop feel & resonance in the body, combined with insight & energetics of the internal martial arts to sharpen intuition, learn proper posture & placement for a healthy vocal practice, build confidence in a supportive setting where we can learn to use sound vibration to create healing in the body.

Journey thru sound by developing intuition, vision and body awareness. Refine your craft through breathing and visualization, listening, mirroring; explore the voice with intention and technique. Utilize the healing modalities of sound and learn to develop a unique practice that is beneficial for the body, mind and soul through PaizLee’s closed door mentorship.

  • Balance the energy frequencies in the body
  • Stimulate & activate the throat chakra
  • Release tension in the body; create space and expansion
  • Use mantras in song form to generate energy flow and create muscle memory while expanding the body, mind and vocal ability
  • Ideal for new or advanced students that are learning to stand their ground, speak up, articulate, break out of their comfort zone, and heal the throat chakra from past conflicts caused by miscommunication or lack thereof

*For Sacred Sound Work, please schedule a phone or video call to discuss your individual goals to provide a better understanding of your needs.
Contact: 808.457.7214