Bring your favorite tea and get ready to vocalize ~  

Listening & Mirroring  weekly dive into music fundamentals for the singer or instrumentalist aiming to strengthen vocal ability and expanding their musical vernacular.  Packages available for 30 min or 1 hr classes.  Please see class rates below.

Sacred Sound  Explores the healing modalities of breath + sound in relationship to the body & our energy centers.  This session encourages self healing through our own voice.  Single or weekly sessions available.  Please see additional class info below & inquire about session rates.

About Me:

PaizLee is a student of the Dragon Gate Sanctuary (a closed door School for Baguazhang Kung Fu and Internal Martial Arts led by Sifu Christopher Lee Matsuo), PaizLee integrates traditional music fundamentals and invites her students to explore their own instrument, develop feel & resonance in the body, combined with insight & energetics of the internal martial arts to sharpen intuition, learn proper posture & placement for a healthy vocal practice, build confidence in a supportive setting where we can learn to use sound vibration to create healing in the body. 

The emphasis for PaizLee's vocal series is to generate our happy hormones, strengthen the lungs, expand vocal ability, build confidence/body awareness while using techniques to quiet the mind & calm our fight or flight response amidst the uncertainties of this global pandemic. Explore the healing modalities of breath work and benefits of sound to usher in an era of courage and grace through PaizLee's Vocal Series.

Journey thru sound by developing intuition, vision and body awareness. Refine your craft through breathing and visualization, listening, mirroring; explore the voice with intention and technique. Utilize the healing modalities of sound and learn to develop a unique practice that is beneficial for the body, mind and soul through PaizLee’s closed door mentorship. 
Additional class information:
Listening & Mirroring (Music education focus)
PaizLee has been teaching individual and group classes since 2011, after being invited to be one of the first wave of mentors at Halau Ku Mana Hawaiian Charter School thru the Mana Maoli (now Mana Mele) program. She continues to be a supportive music mentor through the program and was also a core facilitator for the Soundshop hip hop based program through the Doris Duke Theater at the Honolulu Museum of Art.  Paizlee's voice classes are tailored to the goals and needs of each student, focusing on developing the ear through listening, mirroring, and strengthening creative intuition through the use of visualization techniques to experience sound through our various senses, utilizing organic methods to introduce theory, and developing feel for music. The classes are designed using traditional class methods and are fine tuned to the unique needs of the student, with exercises that are practical and easy to incorporate in our daily routine to provide a strong foundation in vocal practice. Developing the tools to heal the body and mind through sound is an emphasis for these sessions.
  • Prepare the body for the fundamentals of vocal work, performance or public speaking through grounding, breath work and vocalization 
  • Gain the tools to create a solid vocal practice through exercises that will warm and open the body for maximum resonance and projection while using exercises that are practical, easy & fun to incorporate in our daily flow
  • Create muscle memory, develop lung expansion and vocal ability
  • Explore tempo & speed, play with cadence, feel the rhythm, nurture the inner pulse and develop a feel for textures & color in sound through guided visualization techniques
  • Ideal for students that are learning to evolve their understanding of music theory, song/writing, performance and production
*Initial class = 45 minutes (single class rate)
Regular class = 30 minutes
Extended class = 60 minutes
• Single regular 30 min class = $45
• 4 class card/ *Monthly rate = $170 ($10 off)
• 4 class Sibling/Paired rate = $300 ($40 off)
• 10 class card = $430 ($20 off) 
Extended classes are available for students preparing for performance
• Single extended 1 hr class = $65
• 4 class extended class card/ *monthly rate= $250 ($10 off)
• 10 class extended class card = $630 ($20 off)


Sacred Sound Session (Use your voice to bring healing into your life)

In response to the global pandemic, many of us are trying to start a business, pursue a lifelong goal or create ways to forage our own path; something that better aligns with our values and current needs in order to be sustainable while living the life we’ve always wanted. Take the first step in empowering yourself with a supportive mentor and gain the confidence to speak up, use your voice, take a leap, embark on a project, do seminars, start a business, make the sale, or simply stand in your own power. Push out of the comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary; sing, light up the channels that can open doors in your subconscious mind while feeling liberated and charged. Gain confidence to break through delusional obstacles and live your dream while creating a practice that is enjoyable and easily incorporated into your daily flow.

  • Balance the energy frequencies in the body
  • Stimulate & activate the throat chakra
  • Release tension in the body; create space and expansion
  • Use mantras in song form to generate energy flow and create muscle memory while expanding the body, mind and vocal ability
  • Ideal for new or advanced students that are learning to stand their ground, speak up, articulate, break out of their comfort zone, and heal the throat chakra from past conflicts caused by miscommunication or lack thereof. Perfect for the CEO or business professional aiming to be more effective in their leadership, and make a greater impact by creating a strong personal practice that will inspire a more harmonious, sustainable and successful environment.
  • Schedule a consultation to learn more about Sacred Sound Sessions.

PaizLee is a regular guest panelist & performer for various social science courses at the University of Hawaii at Manoa for areas related to social justice, identity, gender violence prevention/education, cultural empowerment, spirituality and music, with a special emphasis on jazz and hip hop. She was also one of two Hawaii representatives for the women lead indigenous cultural, music and arts festival Seeds & Soul in Oakland, CA in 2014. A featured contributing writer for the 2013 textbook release “Empire of Funk: Representations of Hip Hop in Pilipino America,” she debuted her first album project in 2007 with the group Tempo Valley under the moniker Paisley in “Memoirs of the Tempo.” She is a respected freelance songwriter, producer, vocalist, mentor & educator with a long-standing history in music performance, production and private instruction. She has graced the stage and studio sessions with the likes of De la Soul, Biz Markie, Shabazz Palaces, Abstract Rude and a handful of prolific local and international artists. PaizLee continues to nurture her passion through education, mentorships, creative projects and collaborations.
• University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Dance minor, Honolulu, HI, 2001 to 2005 & 2010-2011
• American Musical and Dramatic Academy, Integrated Program, New York, NY, 1998 to 1999
• Kapi’olani Community College, undergraduate studies, Honolulu, HI, 1996 to 1997
• El Camino Community College, undergraduate studies, Torrance, CA, 1994 to 1995
HoMA Artist Spotlight
PaizLee's projects have a strong emphasis on the convergence of music, the arts, food, sustainability, cultural education and community organizing through Atlas Tea + Apothecary; a platform where she can fully express, nurture and integrate her talents in these various fields in a way that tells her unique story.
Contact PaizLee:
 Cell  808-457-7214
Socials  @atlasteaandapothecary / @paisley.likethepark / @ellephlauntartables

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