Steep your favorite tea and get ready to vocalize.  Choose from two class offerings:

Sacred Sound  explores the healing modalities of sound in relationship to the body & our energy centers.  This session encourages self healing through our own voice.

Listening & Mirroring  weekly classes with a focus on music fundamentals for the singer or instrumentalist aiming to strengthen their vocal ability.


PaizLee is a student of the Dragon Gate Sanctuary (a closed door School for Baguazhang Kung Fu and Internal Martial Arts led by Sifu Christopher Lee Matsuo), PaizLee integrates traditional music fundamentals and invites her students to explore their own instrument, develop feel & resonance in the body, combined with insight & energetics of the internal martial arts to sharpen intuition, learn proper posture & placement for a healthy vocal practice, build confidence in a supportive setting where we can learn to use sound vibration to create healing in the body. 

The emphasis for PaizLee's vocal series is to generate our happy hormones, strengthen the lungs, expand vocal ability, build confidence/body awareness while using techniques to quiet the mind & calm our fight or flight response amidst the uncertainties of this global pandemic. Explore the healing modalities of breath work and benefits of sound to usher in an era of courage and grace through PaizLee's Vocal Series.

Journey thru sound by developing intuition, vision and body awareness. Refine your craft through breathing and visualization, listening, mirroring; explore the voice with intention and technique. Utilize the healing modalities of sound and learn to develop a unique practice that is beneficial for the body, mind and soul through PaizLee’s closed door mentorship. Now accepting a limited number of students for 2022.

“Freeing the Voice”
PaizLee Breath + Sound Sessions

Remote Learning available

*Currently accepting recommendations
for select dedicated voice students age 5+ to adult.


Sacred Sound 
Please contact PaizLee at 808.457.7214 for more information on booking this healing session.  One time or weekly sessions available.

Listening & Mirroring 
*Initial class = 45 minutes (single class rate)
Regular class = 30 minutes
Extended class = 60 minutes

• Single regular 30 min class = $45
• 4 class card/ *Monthly rate = $170 ($10 off)
• 4 class Sibling/Paired rate = $300 ($40 off)
• 10 class card = $430 ($20 off) 

*Extended classes are recommended for students preparing for performance
• Single extended 1 hr class = $65
• 4 class extended class card/ *monthly rate= $250 ($10 off)
• 10 class extended class card = $630 ($20 off)