REGENERATE + RESET: January 2022 Full Moon Cleanse

Happy, resilient 2022 Atlas family & welcome to this small, intimate group cleanse facilitated by Angela Cruz + PaizLee. We’re so grateful you could join us for this first group container. We feel that it is vital to keep our immune system clean & strong during this pandemic, especially with Omicron lurking in the shadows.

Angela Cruz, my respected partner and I will also be offering one session each week, alternating between Sacred Breath & Sound sessions & Ancestral Healing classes to deepen our release while renewing our body, mind and spirit with tools to support and reconnect us to our own source energy.  These sessions will also be recorded so that you can access them at your own leisure, but we highly encourage everyone to participate at the scheduled times if possible.

To kick off this 30-day cleanse, please join us for our Full Moon meetup via Zoom on Monday, 1/17 at 12PM PST | 1PM MST | 10AM HST.

Zoom meeting link:

*Weekly meetups are set tentatively for Mondays/Fridays 12PM PST | 1PM MST | 10AM HST. 

This is an invitation to connect with yourself, regenerate and reset your physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing. We are here to fully support you as you heal, nourish and revitalize your body and mind through movement, superfood nutrition, breathwork, recipes and other resources.
This simple and convenient 30-day protocol helps reduce inflammation, release toxins, heal imbalances, lower stress, improve sleep, strengthen immunity and increase energy. By supporting gut health and nutrient assimilation we can regenerate on a cellular level and return to our natural state of balance and vitality. The focus will be on alkalizing whole foods and organic superfood nutrition that is safe for pregnant and nursing mamas and easy to integrate into a busy lifestyle.

Where to start:

  • Ultimate Lifestyle Pack: for under $11 a day you receive 60 superfood shakes plus all other detox and nutrition products.

  • Core 4 + immune: $7 a day to add in nourishment and immune support.

  • Core 4 + performance: under $12 a day to add in nourishment and fitness boosting phytonutrients.

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