DURIAN SEASON: A 2020 update from the curator

Sipping Room Sessions 2: Honolulu, Hawaii to Davao City, Mindanao

| Thurs 5/14 @5PM HST x Fri 5/15 @11AM PILIPINAS |

Hello global x celestial awakening.. to daaa maxx!  Planet earth swells and all around her there is life, death and rebirth simultaneously happening; I’m imagining how this all looks like from far away and from deep in the center.  I don’t even know where to begin with this pandemic, but I’ve been using the momentum, leaning into it, listening to the heart, and using the sun & moon as satellites (@dragongatesanctuary).  I'm waking up more to my purpose everyday.. even if that purpose is to wake up and breathe, and aligning more with my Divine; that is the direction.  This time has been a guilt-free way to live my best life and do everything that brings me joy and re:connect.  I am generously accessing ancestral wisdom and guidance through quiet meditation and I am grateful that the year and a half of chanting twice daily have brought me strength, laser focus and clarity.  Mantras along with intention are showing me how to tap into blissful states when logic tells me I should be feeling other things.  I find myself breathing deeper, my heart is slowly opening, I rest when I need to rest, I'm sharpening and learning to utilize the tools better; I feel stronger and clearer.  I’m moving regularly and integrating all the things I love more and more every day.

I had this revelation and remember having a series of super profound dreams years ago.. one where a phoenix appeared; there were juicy mangoes ripe and heavy on a tree, just ready to be picked... my bathroom turning into the ocean, and when I stepped out, I was wearing all white with a turmeric stain, which felt completely appropriate.  Later, I was suspended high above the ocean, moving in slow motion; I realize now that I was doing Sifu’s forms.. Bagua in the sky; it’s all coming together now, and I never imagined a more fitting alignment than the one that is taking place now on our planet.  

I've been getting some ocean cleansing sessions, working on my craft (and not only at 3am anymore), my private students are developing nicely, the household is healthy, aquaponic garden is growing thanks to Jerome James, small batch orders are coming in steadily for Atlas, and I'm still keeping up with the restaurant biz, keeping it warm on the burner until we are clear to open, connecting with family more regularly and tuning in to what needs to happen day by day.  My pup is one of my intuitive, energetic compasses and so grateful for her presence during these and all of my most trying times.

I'm ready to move this energy and sweating has never felt better.  It's gets me in action mode, providing a channel for all the ideas and inspiration to come to life into tangible form.  I can feel the energy running through my veins.  I am enjoying using my boxing gloves thanks to Justin James (our upcoming feature) who's been working with our household on the 1's & 2's three times a week thru kickboxing.  I see some of us living our best lives through this shift-shaking seasun of our livez, and it brings a smile to my face; I needed this break from the grind.  Hawai'i is doing a good job adjusting to the quarantines and thankfully we have nature all around us; I couldn't think of a better place to be on lockdown.  I see it as an artist residency and I'm excited to witness all the creative ways we can respond during this situation.  

Music and creating in general have been integral to making this pandemic lockdown bearable.  This morning, before class, I was listening to Pele "Durian Funk": Beat Tape One - on loop.  Enjoyed the Twitch premier weeks ago, in addition to the fresh mixes on Soundcloud with Trust Your Struggle: Vol. 1 and other mixes available on many platforms.  So... make yourself some tea from the garden or kitchen and prepare to get to know Pele through the Atlas feature.  Please also be sure to follow Atlas Tea + Apothecary on IG/FB to get the latest and catch our Sipping Room Session: Episode 2 on IGTV from the past week, when we met up with Pele and connected over some tea on the current situation and shared the different ways we and folks around us are responding to the pandemic in the motherland and in Hawai'i.  We will be sharing music, projects, highlighting some collaborators and providing links to Pele's community building strides, so stay tuned via Insta for the latest updates.

Marhay na hapon x good afternoon... from our side of the world to yours! Sending everyone big love from HNL & hoping everyone is staying healthy & strong.  

xoxo PaizLee.

P.S.  If you or anyone you know feel inclined to share some support by way of link shares, sending and IG message to Pele for some words or donation, we fully encourage you to reach out and access the links provided at the bottom of Pele's feature article.  Let's continue to uplift one another through these trying times and flow creatively together.  Enjoy the mixes and highlights on Pele via IG/FB & all the projects in the coming days.. Ingat po kayong lahat!  


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