INTRODUCTIONS - PaizLee (aka Malaya Lady Paisley, youngest of 5 from the Cua tribe)

Greetings family & friends who have come to share this space by way of our new venture Atlas Tea + Apothecary / The Sipping Room HNL. Welcome to our site! We hope that you find clarity & inspiration here so that you feel empowered to share the light.

I am PaizLee, a Manila-born lady, raised on the continent, living on O'ahu for the majority of my adult journey.  Hawai'i is a place where I've been called to nurture creativity & develop my gifts as an active member of the community.  Some of us have met through various channels of music, art, education, food, social justice & 'aina work, and others through simple passing, when we are fortunate to have the opportunity to meet...

We leave all the noise behind us as we begin this journey together and create more opportunities to build and integrate our works.  Thank you for being part of this adventure and I look forward to sharing the space.


xoxo LP.



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  • I love it Babe – I love you and all you touch…lucky to be one of the lucky❤️??

    • Mary H Shuler
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    • obleywan