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Did you know that a single honey bee produces 7 drops of honey in their lifetime, and throughout the different stages of life, they will work different jobs to fulfill their purpose?  Bees exercise their role in nature by pollinating flowers, vegetables and fruits in the garden while transporting pollen from plant to plant & collecting nectar to bring to their hives.  From small insects, large, wild animals to humans; we all rely on these pollinators to thrive.  Bees also play a huge role in supporting our ecosystem by supporting the growth of trees, flowers and plants, which also provide shelter for creatures large and small.  

These black & yellow lightworkers dedicate their whole lives working with their community.  In bee language, it is referred to as festooning; the act of working together for the greater good of the collective.  We see a wonderful example of this concept of working together & when we enjoy honey in our tea or bite into a piece of honeycomb.  Like our awesome honeybees, Atlas Tea + Apothecary understands our role as stewards and are pleased to offer experiences that deepen our connections through our traveling tea party catering service, by celebrating our diversity, creating a peaceful community, and journeying through the senses, while embracing flavors, sounds, visual inspiration to create a global feeling of connectedness.

Last June, we were privileged to be part of a Summer Solstice Celebration, as 13 guests came together at a private venue in Kahala, Hawaii, where we honored our ancestors, gifted ourselves & one another with music, herbs, made a flower mandala, shared insight, poetry and experienced a Bee Breath Meditation, enjoyed small bites, and a special recipe of spiced tea (that I learned while working at a Greek restaurant with Savas Mojarrad, one of my late mentors).  Each guest had a name card with a different collective affirmation using the themes of "Sun, Bees & Honey."  Every guest read aloud an affirmation; and when the circle was complete, all of us felt charged, empowered and supported.  This is what festooning is all about; taking care of one another.

If we could just make time to stretch time with ourselves and those who are near & dear; we would certainly create a whole community of peaceful, joy-filled, thriving, harmonious bee-ings.  In honor of Earth Mama month, we are so pleased to uplift two dynamic beekeepers whose purpose is to educate, illuminate and pollinate!  As caretakers of these sacred, magical beeings, their mission is to ensure a thriving bee community.  Atlas is passionate about supporting folks like our bee friends who are making a positive impact on so many important levels for our community, and our world.  Enjoy meeting Rob & Jaz thru this introductory article and stay tuned for more!

NAME:  Robert Allen



Working as a horticulture specialist and beekeeper, Robert has defined his position as a steward of numerous conservation projects on Oahu and Kauai since 2003. Project management, setting up bee sanctuaries and providing honey for private clients are some of the services he offers.


Drinking some fine green tea at The Sipping Room while eating one of PaizLee’s baked goods


I believe natural medicine is one of the most valuable resources on earth. Organic, pesticide-free, non-hybridized foods and plants are to be preserved. It is my mission to grow and provide the finest herbs, flowers, and plants for the people.


My medicine is a healthy, active lifestyle incorporating exercise, surf, sun, fun, water and fresh herbs.


I am constantly planting fruit trees for the honeybees and our next generation so they can experience as much abundance from nature as I do.


I will continue planting seeds of kindness, watching them grow, and producing the purest honey and bee products for the people.

*For private orders of honey or honey-based salves, please contact



NAME:  Jasmine Joy



As a young girl, Jasmine innately knew she wanted a career that would heal the planet and inspire the youth. Her vision began to unfold in 2011 when she learned how to remove and relocate wild beehives on the North Shore of Oahu. With all the propaganda about honeybees dying from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), she felt the need to start a grassroots organization encompassing conservation and education called, Beelieve Hawaii. The encouragement of her community influenced her to become a certified School Garden Educator and develop the Pollinator Program for elementary level students. Now in its fourth year running, Jasmine’s ‘āina-based curriculum teaches children the concept of “hive mindfulness” and how to reverse pollinator declines.


Collaborating with PaizLee during a Summer Solstice celebration I hosted last year


Nature has been my muse since I started writing poetry when I was 11. She always reminds me to sit, be still and seek solitude away from noise pollution. She is the purest embodiment of a healing mother with prolific powers of transmuting all forms of energy. I bow and give it all to her every day.


From their harmonious hum to therapeutic venom, I think honeybees are the truest lightworkers on this planet. My passion to protect them (and other pollinators) fills my life with purpose. There is a constant exchange of wisdom and intuition that I share with these magical creatures. I believe beekeeping is the ultimate practice of meditation. They teach me how to BEE HERE NOW.


Solstice Metamorphosis Women’s Retreat will be on June 21-23, 2019, at a private home in Kahala near the beach. I am calling in 12 women to treat themselves to a weekend of self-love, sisterhood, adventure, and art. We will journey through Ayurvedic practices, plant-based workshops, tea ceremonies, sound healing, yoga, mantra, meditation, writing, hiking, dancing and welcoming the sun by opening the heart space.


This year has been exciting because I started working with Bishop Museum as an assistant researcher on a citizen science project called, Pollinators in Paradise. I help monitor the protected Ka Iwi Coastline for Hawaii’s endangered yellow-faced bees (Hylaeus species) and raise awareness through community events and outreach. As a conservationist, the importance of preserving the Earth’s biodiversity of animals and plants is a constant battle I choose to support through advocacy and initiative.


I would love to see all my current projects and programs running successfully so I can focus on a value-added product line and publish my first children’s book.


*For private orders of honey & propolis tinctures, please contact 808-497-1743 or email Jaz at




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