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Atlas Tea + Apothecary, 2017 - present

Traveling Tea Party, celebrating culture & education by way of tea


PaizLee offers four days of curated experiences (8 sessions) by integrating music, art, dance, education, community building and healing modalities through the tea time previews.  Programs include a small bite & tea, guest facilitators, demonstrations, and community dialogue with topics to stoke inspiration, healing and resolution. Sessions explore themes of identity, creativity as a response to challenges, music/dance/art education, (Chinese) herbal medicine, medical uses of cannabis and hive culture to demonstrate an effective and thriving community through embracing our individual purpose and roles.  

Atlas Tea + Apothecary presents a traveling tea party catering service that offers mindfully curated experiences for the globally conscious palate through intimate & large scale gatherings with the intention of honoring the sacred feminine/masculine via meeting of the minds, creative circles, cyphers, business meetings, special celebrations & collaborations.


Program Schedule + Guest Facilitators

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Sunday, 3/31 (12 to 2PM) Womb Womb Room - The Hub, Ward Center

Session 1 - Navid Najafi & Kat Burke (RSVP for 10 guests) 

 Music Medicine:  Empowering Our Youth Through Music Education

*Navid Najafi aka Illnomadic is Atlas Tea + Apothecary’s first Featured Mover in January 2019.  (Please read about all the Atlas features on  He is a lyricist and music educator at the Honolulu Academy’s Doris Duke Theater through the Soundshop Program and is an emcee for the Na Hoku Hanohano award winning hip hop group Super Groupers.  Navid is joined by some of the Soundshop facilitators to discuss the importance of music education for developing our tools to be able to turn our challenges into a work of art through sound.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Tinctures / Bitters tasting - (Session 1 & 2) (Session 7 & 8)

Kat Burke is a doctoral student in the Office of Public Health Studies at UH Mānoa. Her apothecary, Eileithyia (a-LAY-thi-ya) Eyes, is a seed planted by her grandad, Panagiotis Spiros Koromilas, a believer in the food medicine teachings of ancient Greek physician, Galen; a seed that was cultivated at Ho'oulu 'Āina through the guidance of the 'ili 'āina of 'Ouaua and Māluawai and their apothecary, Lā'aukūmakani. Kat shares 2 bitters recipes inspired by Ancient Greek medicine & philosophy.

Sunday, 3/31 (3 to 5 PM) Womb Womb Room - The Hub, Ward Center

Session 2 - Lyanne Brooks & Kat Burke (RSVP for 10 guests) 

Dance MedicineHolding Creative Space for Expression, Connection & Positivity

Lyanne Brooks is an educator and community organizer who hosts guest DJs, vocalists and artists from across the globe at Honolulu’s favorite monthly house dance party Soulgasm (at Bar 35 on 3rd Friday & its newest residency at Bevy for First Friday). The event recently celebrated their 11th year. For this session, Lyanne guides us through a simple movement demonstration and dialogue on community building through dance. 

*Atlas Tea + Apothecary is also pleased to honor Lyanne Brooks as a Featured Mover in June 2019 as well as through a special offering, Astrology Tea Party for 2; a private seating series where guests can book a 5 or 7-course tea party (Petit Treat or Grand Party) and have their birth charts explained through the Sun, Moon & Planets Rising (45m reading) or Day or Night (1 hr reading).  The total duration for this reservation is 3 hours.

Sunday, 4/7 (12 to 2 PM) Womb Womb Room - The Hub, Ward Center

Session 3 - Alendi + PaizLee & Laura Cho-Stutler (RSVP for 10 guests) 

Food & Sound Medicine:  Culinary Journeys & Beat Production (Alendi & PaizLee - Listening tea party)

Brandon Boyd aka Alendi is a classically trained chef from the Virgin Islands.  He attended Le Cordon Bleu and is equally passionate about music production, riding his fixie and the environment.  *Alendi is the July Featured Mover on Atlas Tea + Apothecary and his first instrumental project is set to release later this year under an independent label.  Alendi joins PaizLee in a culinary collaboration through a featured small bite offering & tea, while taking us on a journey through visual soundscapes.  PaizLee also shares some of her instrumental beat productions for this session.

Flower Medicine

Healing & Flowers / Floral art installation - (Session 3 & 4)

Laura Cho-Stutler is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and owner of Lulu’s Lei + Bouquets on the North Shore.  After several years of visioning, Lulu opened her shoppe in 2017.  Lulu’s celebrates traditional and modern designs, offering a fresh, sophisticated and organic perspective.  Lulu shares a signature floral design to light up the Atlas pop-up location designed by Arch Hawaii, located inside The Hub at Ward Center.  *Lulu’s Lei + Bouquets is also pleased to join Bloomingdale’s Mix Masters fashion campaign this Spring 2019.

Sunday, 4/7 (3-5PM) Womb Womb Room - The Hub, Ward Center

Session 4 - Jasmine Joy & Laura Cho-Stutler (RSVP for 10 guests) 

Metamorphosis:  Hive Mindfulness = Eco-Conscious Community

*Beelieve Hawaii & Island Beekeeper are Atlas Tea + Apothecary’s Featured Movers for the month of April 2019, in honor of Earth Day month. Jasmine Joy is a bee priestess, conservationist, mentor and owner of Beelieve Hawaii.  Her offerings include pollinator education, beekeeping mentorship, small group apiary tours, seasonal sun & moon ceremonies and removal of feral honey bee colonies.  She takes us into a Bee Breath Meditation and presents on the topic of Bee Harmony as a metaphor; a recipe for a healthy, dynamic and thriving community. This session also includes a honeycomb tasting.

Sunday, 4/14 (12 to 2 PM) Womb Womb Room - The Hub, Ward Center

Session 5 - PaizLee (RSVP for 10 guests) 

Creative Medicine:  Transforming Poison into Medicine

Atlas Tea + Apothecary founder and curator PaizLee shares her journey through visual and performing arts, hip hop, music education, food, social justice and community building; she offers insight and her process through visualization, writing, intention-setting and sound.  Espasol de Japon is the featured small bite for this session; a peace mochi inspired by Filipino & Japanese flavors to honor her late Great-Uncle, Senen Asuan, MD, painter, educator, author and former leader of a guerilla fighting unit dubbed the Suicide Squad during World War II, as a way to symbolically heal ancestral trauma brought on during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines.  The twenty-four reconstructions of jewelry pieces from the Marcos’ Hawaii Collection by Abad & Jones is also a topic for this session.  PaizLee shares stories from her youth in Manila before the People Power Revolution, to witnessing the effects of the LA Riots in her neighborhood.  Stretch time through tea, talk story and experience the Soul Sync meditation to close.

Sunday, 4/14 (3 to 5 PM) Womb Womb Room - The Hub, Ward Center

Session 6 - Kamakanuiʻahaʻilono Jingao & Jocelyn “Joy” Ancheta (RSVP for 10 guests) 

Lomi Aku, Lomi Mai!:  Lomi lomi

Kamakanuiʻahaʻilono Jingao is a Hawaiian Healing Practitioner with a background in Lomi lomi, Lā’au Lapa’au and Ho’oponopono. Kamaka has studied with the late Kumu Alva Andrews, Makaʻala Yates, Keola Chan, Kaliko Chang, Alapai Kahuena, John Brink and Dennis Kauahi. He will share his stories of lomilomi and incorporate a hands on seated lomi experience, which incorporates the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of life.

A Voyage of Navigating Through Self-Identity:  Lomi lomi & Bangka

Kamaka is joined by Jocelyn “Joy” Ancheta, a cultural practitioner, committed to serving her community as a vessel for healing and voyaging traditions as her ancestors did.  Joy specializes in body, energy, prayer and medium work. In addition, Joy is also a lomi lomi practitioner and student of the late lomi lomi master and Hawaiian elder, Kumu Alva Andrews.  Her journey as a healer eventually led her to the traditions of voyaging and in 2012, she represented the Philippines in the Pacific Voyagers’ Te Mana O Te Moana voyage. Joy is coordinator of traditional Hawaiian voyaging canoe, Hawai`iloa and a director for the canoe’s non-profit organization, Friends of Hokule`a and Hawai`iloa.  Please join us for a talk story session with Joy as she shares her Voyage of Navigating Through Self-Identity and finding balance with perpetuating these traditions in modern times.

Sunday, 4/21 (12 to 2 PM) SaVAge K’lub, Chinatown, Honolulu

Session 7 - Me Fuimaono-Poe & Kat Burke (RSVP for 40 guests) 

Women & Cannabis:  Herstory from cradle to the grave on how women have been using cannabis as medicine for millennia

Me Fuimaono-Poe FNP-BC  is the founder of Mālie Cannabis Clinic in Honolulu and hails from a long line of traditional healers, midwives and medicine makers. Me is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in health care and the cannabis industry. The session explores the traditional uses of cannabis in women’s health. Me shares the many ways women have used cannabis through soothing pelvic pain from menses, labor & delivery and easing symptoms of menopause. Terpene inspired CBD infused teas will be offered.

*Atlas Tea + Apothecary is pleased to introduce Me Fuimaono-Poe as their featured monthly cannabis columnist and educator beginning in April 2019 on the Atlas website. She offers medical insight on cannabis through a scientific lens, while providing local & global news on cannabis culture and healing.


Sunday, 4/21 (3 to 5 PM) SaVAge K’lub, Chinatown, Honolulu

Session 8 - Alicia Yang + Tai Hawkins & Kat Burke (RSVP for 40 guests) 

Chinese Medicine:  Empowering Our Community Through Self-Care

*Olanani Acuoasis, Atlas Tea + Apothecary’s February 2019 Featured Healers share their insight through Chinese medicine, along with a number of products that can be previewed on the Atlas website.  Tai Hawkins & Alicia Yang hold Master’s Degrees in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine after receiving their undergraduate/Master’s degrees from Berkeley/Harvard (Alicia) & Stanford (Tai). As Kailua’s first open space acupuncture health spa, Olanani Acuoasis shares solutions for pain, fertility challenges, digestive/autoimmune/sleep/endocrine disorders, depression, anxiety, and their specialty; anti-aging facial rejuvenation.   Acupressure is offered for this final session and focuses on the topic of self-care, what it means in a diverse context while providing Chinese medicine solutions that help bring balance through simple techniques to empower the individual person’s journey, wherever they’re at.



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